MBR Wizard was created after few years of research and working with different harddisks with different problems like data recovery, psyhycal problems, quick repair after virus attacks and OS crashes.

     The program has two big and powerfull functions. The most important one is the scan for bad sectors on harddisks with physycal problems. This is the only program available for public on this world.wich can do this!!! Programs like this are used by big companies to repair and recover your data from physycaly damaged harddisks. But those programs are not for usual people. So after a long time of research we find the way to scan and recover your broken harddrives. For example this program can help you if you have a harddisk with bad sectors on wich other programs(like scandisk or defrag) hang the whole system. Usual if you have such a problem you throw away your harddisk because you can't fix those physycaly bad sectors. So this program can help you. Another example is when your harddisk make some "click" sounds, you can fix this problem too.

     Another powerfull function is editing of MBR sector without to be limited of setting multiple primary partitions or using any data of partitions do you need. Usual program like fdisk can't do partitions of different kind and can't make multiple primary partitions. Or maybe do you want to set manualy your first or last sector of your partition. This program is what do you need. You can play with your partitions and for example to transform your windows second partition in to a hidden partition without loosing any data and without staying a lot of time. The hidden partitions are not visible in explorer and you can keep your data away from other people eyes. Or for example you have first 50 megabytes full of bad sectors and do you want to install your system without problems. So you can create in your first 50 megabytes a BBT table and starting with your primary partition after the bad sectors zone.

     Those are just few examples of what you can do with this program.The program is just a simple .exe file without install kits and crap like this. You can save him on a floppy disk or cdrom and work from there withtout problems.

     Good luck!


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